Matt grew up in Sugar Land Texas and started his musical journey at the tender age of 10. His parents being huge fans of country music in the 70’s brought him to the music venues and honky-tonks of Texas to see the likes of Ray Price, Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley, Gene Watson and many others. He was enamored with the drums and quickly started beating on everything from furniture to coffee cans as a child. When he turned 10 his parents decided to save their furniture and bought him his first drum set. That same year his mother became the fan club president for 80’s country music legend Gary Morris. Gary promised Matt that if he was still playing music when he turned 14 that he would take him on the road. Matt held Gary to his promise and at the age of 14 went on the road as a roadie/drum tech for Gary’s band as a summer job. He did this all through high school and college. This opportunity was not lost on him and he learned to hone his craft from some of the best professional musicians in the business. 

 Matt took quickly to the drums and started a band at the age of 11 with some of his Jr. high school friends. When Matt was not on the road with Gary Morris in the summer the young band played anywhere and everywhere they could. Shortly after starting to play drums, Matt picked up the guitar and taught himself to play that as well as bass. It wasn’t long before he was contributing music ideas for the songs the young band was writing. His early band stayed together throughout high school and into college. After college he and another member of the original band moved to Austin Texas and started up there. Continuing to write music and play anywhere and everywhere they could, Matt and the band decided after 6 years in Austin that they needed a change of scenery, so they picked up and moved to Atlanta Georgia to try out the music scene there. After a few years of playing the hottest music clubs in Buckhead, West Mid-Town and Little 5-Points the band decided to go their separate ways. 

After the band broke up Matt started writing and recording his own songs. He currently plays drums for Atlanta local bands such as the Ben Wade Band and Rockyard as well as several other cover bands when they need a drummer. Matt also plays solo acoustic shows mixing in his unique songs in with 70’s, 80’s and 90’s rock and pop hits.